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Adhai din ka Jhopra was a Hindu Temple (Ajmer Sharif)

Since very long i herd that Ajmer Sharif is one of the sacred place of Muslims and if you have any wish, just go to the Ajmer Sharif and tie the sacred thred any where in the Dargah sharif simultaneously concentrating on your wish. It will be fulfilled sooner or later.
Practically i do not believe in these kind of things which do not have any practical and scientific base. It doesn,t matter that it is a Hindu belief or a Muslim. But even i can't deny it because if they can't prove it right then i also can't prove it wrong.

Now let me focus on my topic. I went by my self to the Dhai din ka Jhopra (Ajmer sharif) it is just one kilometer away from the Dargah Sharif. As i was very interested to know why it is known as Dhai din ka Jhopra (House of two and a half days) i asked few peoples there (Muslims and Hindus) and they gave me different kind of answers such as
1) It was built in two and a half days that's why it is called so.
2) Within two and a half days aayat from Kuran was inscribed on the walls of the Dhai din ka Jhopra
3) Dhai din ka Jhopra was concurred by Mohammad Gori from Prithwy Raj Chauhan.

Now if we look at the first answer there is no any proof i have to deny this statement it might be wrong or right. Now if we look at the second statement it might be true and we have two conclusion here
a) it is not a very difficult task to inscribe the Aayat on the piece of stones with the help of several labors and pasting it on the old existing structure. Another as it is Aayat from Kuran certainly it has been done by Musllim rulers.
Now come to the third and final statement that that Dhai din ka Jhopra was concurred my Mohammad Gori from Prithwy Raj Chauhan.
When i was monitoring the Jhopra two muslims brothers were talking to each other standing near me and one of them told that it was concurred by Muhammad Gori in two and a half days that's why it is called so. Another Muslim person whom i met there was a Guide somewhere and he told me that look at the design and the structure of this old fort it is clearly a Hindu and Jain Architect. He also told me that after concurring this temple, all of the walls were covered by the plates of the stones so that it becomes difficult to identify the reality. Even i recorded his voice when he was discussing these things to me.

Proofs that Dhai din ka Jhopra is a Hindu Temple
When i was roaming there i took few photographs that will tell you automatically that it is a Hindu Temple or a Mosque.

Here i have provided all the photographs with full description that will tell you the true story.

This image has been taken from the left side wall of the jhopra and here you will find that few stone slabs that were used for covering the wall has fallen down leaving the internal wall naked from where one stone statue of lord Vishnu (or some other Hindu God) can be seen very easily.
Below this image i have provided another zoomed image showing the statue more clearly.

In this image that is also on the left side wall of the Jhopra you can very easily recognize the Swastic symbol now tell me what is the use of this symbol here if this Jhopra belongs to Muslims.

In these two images you can see that these pillars contains several statues inscribed on it that is most probably Hindu God and Goddess with other figures. Faces of all these figures have broken already so that no one can identify them clearly but even then they are clear. Now tell me one thing what is the use of Statues in the Muslims architects, because But parasti (Statues are not allowed) is not in their religion. Those who destroys these beautiful figures were not able to remove it completely because they were feared of falling of the pillar on which whole Jhopra weight is given.

Here you can identify three lotus flower which is a Hindu architect.

This is the main entry gate of the Jhopra on which you can also identify the Lotus flower very easily and the pasted slabs on which sacred Aayat of Kuran (most probably as i told by other peoples because i don't know to read Urdu and Arbi there for it is difficult for me to identify) is mentioned.

Below i have provided four more photographs in which you can easily identify the broken statues here in second image you can see the swastic symbole above which there is a Hindu God statue is pasted in the wall. In below two photographs you can also identify the same.

Now it is quite clear to all that this is a Hindu temple then at least our government should take some steps to save it. And come forward to tell the true story.
I don't have any animosity with my Muslim brothers because here in India there is no any outsider all are Indian and most of the Muslim brothers were previously Hindu but they were converted to Muslims by force by the foreign invaders. They never built any thing in India other than capturing it vandalizing it and naming it according to there beliefs. Even our scholar historian are also unknown about all these things deliberately and serving our new generation the wrong history of India.
It's a matter of Shame

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

just enjoy

dear friends just enjoy your each and every second so that u cant regret